A Monterey Bay PTAC Success Story

The process of contracting with government agencies is very complex and can be overwhelming to a small business.  The counselors at the Monterey Bay PTAC help guide them through the process so that they can find, pursue and manage government contracts be they local, state or federal.

Teri Williams, Monterey Bay PTAC Program Manager, has many clients.  One of them is a woman-owned, Monterey area small business who bid on a contract in which she was the prime contractor and a much larger company was the sub-contractor.  She was qualified for the contract as the contract required the awardee be a small business and hub-zone certified.

The PTAC client was disappointed when she was not awarded the contract and discussed the outcome with Teri Williams at the Monterey Bay PTAC during one of their many counselling sessions.  Although the deadline to protest had passed, Teri recommended that she submit a protest anyway and emphasize that the PTAC client was, in fact, the prime contractor and a small business located in a hub-zone, meeting the requirements.  The client did and the contracting officer changed the award and awarded our Monterey Bay PTAC client the contract.  Success!!

This is an example of how the PTAC staff used their experience and knowledge on how the nuanced contracting process works to benefit its clients.  Monterey County Business Council is very proud of this program and sees it as a significant contributor to Monterey County’s economic vitality.