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Monterey Scorecard May 2017 This is a great document for comparing the Monterey area to the rest of the state. Monterey Scorecard May 2017

CHISPA to Build Affordable Housing in Castroville   MBHT Castroville Oaks Press Release

A Monterey Bay PTAC Success Story The process of contracting with government agencies is very complex and can be overwhelming to a small business.  The counselors at the Monterey Bay PTAC help guide them through the process so that they can find, pursue and manage government contracts be they local, state or federal. Teri Williams, […]

May Labor Market Data Labor Market (May Data)

“Monterey Scorecard” released The publication title, “Monterey Scorecard” reflects our position that the Employment Development Department Labor Market Information Division (LMID) is a scorekeeper of the economy, an objective source that is neutral and creditable.  This two page document features Industry Star of the Month chart. In addition to SLO information, we have included the […]

Credit Consulting Services, Inc. participates in CSUMB’s capstone program   CCS 2017 Capstone Festival (1)

Ted Balestreri Receives Inaugural Legends Award from the National Restaurant Association   Ted Balestr award

April Labor Market Data   Labor Market (Apr Data)

Big Sur International Marathon Traffic Plan   Big Sur Marathon TrafficPlan

   March Labor Data   Labor Market (Mar Data)