Competitive Clusters

C2: Competitive Clusters is a public-private partnership and a cluster-based economic initiative that highlights the region’s economic challenges, articulates a new economic vision for Monterey County, and identifies opportunities in the County’s key clusters.

C2 is a joint effort between the Monterey County Business Council and the County of Monterey that emphasizes collaboration with key members of the private sector to formulate strategies that support and enhance the competitiveness of Monterey County’s main industry clusters in order to stimulate job creation and strategic infrastructure improvements, while achieving overall economic sustainability.

C2 is not just a study; it is the beginning of a new way of thinking about the economic future and how to realize its opportunities and has initiated a new, more collaborative economic development process in Monterey County.

C2 is, most importantly, an action-oriented initiative that is designed to address long-standing problems in the economy with concrete solutions.

Agriculture Cluster

This cluster is defined very broadly to include: crop production and services, livestock, food processing, agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as agricultural-related transportation and distribution.

Tourism Cluster

The Monterey Aquarium and other botanical and zoological attractions are among the County’s star industries; industries in which the County is highly concentrated and which are forecast to give high growth in the next five years.

Education & Research Cluster

Monterey County enjoys a large concentration of post-secondary education and research institutions. Language schools, marine and oceanographic sciences offer unique programs that bring students, visitors, and other professionals into the region.

Building & Design Cluster

The Building & Design Cluster was initiated on March 31, 2005, with approximately 40 industry leaders and stakeholders, representing construction, architecture, engineering, transportation and other trades.

Wellness & Lifestyle Cluster

This cluster’s broad objective is to bring together a cross-section of health-related businesses and institutions to develop synergy between this industry and the hospitality & tourism sector in order to create “lifestyle centers,” which include spas, alternative medicine centers and cutting-edge health practitioners.

Creative & Technology Cluster

The purpose of the Creative & Technology Cluster is to bring more jobs and wealth to Monterey County by sharing ideas and resources to leverage existing and potential talent and expertise with a focus on film and video production, gaming and simulation, and interactive training and education.