Welcome to monterey County Business Council

A membership only organization, the Monterey County Business Council is a 501(c)(6), comprised of professionals from business, government, and education working together on countywide issues. Founded in 1995, the non-profit corporation seeks to promote the concept of private-public partnerships by bringing business experience and techniques to the public arena.


  • Create greater alignment among the activities of business, government, education, media, health and foundation / community based efforts
  • Build coalitions around key community issues
  • Develop strategies that support the development of jobs & business opportunities
  • Work to improve the business climate to retain and expand existing businesses and the recruitment of new businesses
  • Work to align workforce services with business needs

Why is there a Business Council?

A business voice is needed to remind our elected and appointed officials where the money comes from to support their decisions — from jobs and taxes — and to balance special interest pressures.

Focus on Key Issues

The Council will focus on three key issues as we move forward in the 21st Century:

  • Workforce Development
  • Economic Development
  • Advocacy

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Special thanks to the County of Monterey for its ongoing support of the Monterey County Business Council’s efforts for economic development and education.