The Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator (formerly Monterey Bay Procurement Technical Assistance Center- PTAC) provides assistance to companies wishing to sell products or services to government agencies by offering confidential counseling and education at no cost to the client.


The purpose of the Monterey Bay APEX is to generate employment and improve the general economic condition of the Monterey County region by assisting small businesses in bidding and winning local, state, and federal government contracts.

Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator is a program of the Monterey County Business Council (MCBC) and serves 15 counties in the Central and Northern California region.

Counties served include:

  • Amador
  • Alpine
  • Fresno
  • Kings
  • Madera
  • Mariposa
  • Merced
  • Mono
  • Monterey
  • San Benito
  • San Joaquin
  • Stanislaus
  • Sutter
  • Tulare
  • Tuolumne

Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator Services are FREE

Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator services are FREE to clients. Clients and potential clients should be aware that there are many websites that look “official” but will charge for their services. In general, if a website URL ends with “.gov” (e.g.,, it is probably safe to assume the site is a legitimate Government website. It the URL ends in “.com”, beware…you may have to pay for services rendered. Government entities DO NOT charge for their services such as registrations, certifications, and the like. If in doubt, contact the Monterey Bay APEX Accelerator for advice/assistance regarding this matter.

This procurement technical assistance center is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency.

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